The Politics of Fear in Saskatoon

Mar 8, 2018 | Event Summary

On February 8-9, CIC President Mark Sedra visited the Saskatoon Branch of the CIC to meet with members and deliver a talk on “Real and Imagined Security Threats in an Uncertain World.” Mark’s talk, held at the Saskatoon Club on February 8th, explored the dominant international threat narratives in Canada, asking the fundamental question: what should we be afraid of? Mark delved into the politics of fear in Canada and beyond, examining how it influences citizen perceptions of threats and government measures to address them. From terrorism and cyber crime to pandemic disease and climate change, the talk assessed some of the world’s most pressing security challenges. The talk provides a primer to a wider CIC Research Stream involving a range of CIC Fellows and Associates.

While in Saskatoon, Mark also gave an interview to the local CTV News affiliate on the work of the CIC and met with researchers at the University of Saskatchewan.