Looking to Glasgow: What’s at Stake at COP26

  Published: Fall 2021   |    By: Jennifer Allan  |   Volume 69, No. 24  
COP26 (November 2021) and the continuous threat posed by climate change demonstrate that international cooperation is vital to reducing emissions and building resilience, particularly for the most vulnerable countries. The COVID-19 pandemic creates logistical obstacles for the conference. It also underlines the need to “build back better” i.e. to facilitate equitable post-pandemic recoveries that can put the world on a more sustainable path. This report outlines the priority issues for COP 26. It offers suggestions for how to hold a large global meeting in the context of the pandemic.
About the Author
Jennifer Allan, PhD is as an expert in global climate negotiations and activism. She earned her PhD from UBC and is currently a lecturer at Cardiff University in Wales. Dr. Allan is the Strategic Advisor for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, a flagship project – housed in the International Institute for Sustainable Development – that reports on global environmental negotiations. With the Bulletin, Dr. Allan has attended nearly every climate negotiation since 2012.