From Kananaskis to Gleneagles: Assessing Canadian “leadership” on Africa

Published: 2005   |    By: David R. Black    |    Volume 62, No. 3


Three years ago, in the context of the Kananaskis summit of the G8,Prime Minister Jean Chrétien orchestrated an agenda that for the first time focused the attention of the world’s richest countries on the monumental challenges facing the world’s poorest continent. In early July 2005, this time at the instigation of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, at Gleneagles the G8 will do it again. In between, our government has focused more attention and resources on Africa than ever before. It is appropriate, therefore, to assess Canadian claims to leadership on Africa against this record of activity and,more substantially, to assess the extent to which Canada has been able to contribute to the improvement of sub-Saharan Africa’s prospects.

About the Author

David R. Black is Chair, Department of International Development Studies, and Associate Professor of Political Science at Dalhousie University.